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SCD has been developing SWIR detectors based on the InGaAs technology since 2010. The sensing array consists of a typical PIN InGaAs on InP heterostructure grown by MOCVD. The device array is then fabricated using standard planar process. Backside illuminated InGaAs detectors are usually sensitive in the 0.9 to 1.7 μm region where the cut-on wavelength is due to absorption by the InP substrate. SCD has developed a thinning process of the InP substrate, thus opening the detector to response in the NIR and VIS region.

The first product Cardinal 640 consists of 640×512, 15 µm pitch array which is Flip Chip bonded to the SNIR ROIC. This is a digital ROIC with extremely small readout noise and excellent linearity and uniformity. This ROIC also possesses unique active modes for laser pulse detection, which enable Asynchronous Laser Pulse Detection (ALPD) and Two-dimensional Laser Range Finding (TLRF). This allows even further miniaturization of the electro-optical system by integrating LRF capabilities into the imager and saving the need for another detector in the system.

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