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Collimated 8 bar conductively cooled stack

SCD CR-8 stack incorporates the robustness derived from the Hard Soldering bar mounting technology and our accurate micro-lens positioning and mounting process. This combination assures the availability of a unique- of- its- kind collimated stack designed to operate under extreme environmental conditions.

Our special design and lens mounting process make possible these devices, with highly efficient bars stacked at 1.2 mm bar-to-bar pitch and fast axis divergence typically close to 0.5 degree, FWHM.

Produced in large quantities since 2004 and field tested, the CR-8 offers an attractive solution for those direct and pumping applications requiring highly efficient and environmental resistant fast axis collimation.



Diode Type


Output peak Power

≥800 W

Threshold Current

20 A

Drive Current

≤105 A

Operating Voltage

≤16 V

Slope Efficiency (per bar)

>1.1 W/A

Conversion Efficiency

≥40 %

Center Wavelength

808 ±3 nm

Spectral Width (FWHM)

4 nm 

Beam Divergence (FWHM)

≤ 0.6°X10°X

Emitting Area

10.4x9.4 mm


45x10.6x15.6 mm

Duty Cycle

< 4% 

Number of Bars


Bar to Bar Pitch

1.2 mm 

Heat Seak Temperature

25 °C

  • Direct Laser Applications, requiring Collimated Beam



  • Peak output power after collimation: >800W
  • Number of bars: 8
  • High Duty Cycle, 4%
  • 8 bars collimated
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