SemiConductor Devices

Cardinal 640 Detector

InGaAs SWIR 640 x 512, 15µm, digital

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Cardinal 640 is a state-of-the-art SWIR detector. The FPA consists of the digital SNIR ROIC and InGaAs technology. The package includes a Thermo Electric Cooler (TEC) that can be utilized for cooling the FPA for Low Light Level scenario.

The low power proximity board provides the ROIC timing and sensitive power supplies. It has a Camera Link interface similar to Pelican-D. TEC control electronics are incorporated as well.



Format & Pitch

640x512, 15µm

Spectral range

SWIR-VIS: 0.6 – 1.7µm

SWIR only: 0.9 – 1.7µm (upon request)


> 85% @ 1550nm

Dark current (typical)

2fA @ 280K

Pixel operability

> 99.5%

Operating modes and well capacity

High gain : 12Ke

Low gain: 600Ke

Max FR @ full window

350 F/sec @ 13bit resolution, 80MHz clock rate (Global Shutter)


Flexible, 2 row step

ROIC noise (typical)

High gain: 40e (with CDS)

Low gain: 180e

FPA power dissipation

< 100mW @ 60 F/sec

Ambient operating temperature

-40c till 70c


Metallic (vacuum tight), 30x30 mm footprint

Cooling capability

ΔT = 40degC @ room temperature

Proximity electronics

Camera Link interface

Power dissipation: 1.5W @ 60 F/sec, 25degC ambient (without TEC)

TEC control circuitry

EMC compatibility to MIL-STD-461C  

  • High Quality Daylight SWIR Imaging
  • Low light level imaging
  • Active Imaging
  • Hand Held
  • Airborne EVS
  • Miniature Payloads
  • Driving Systems
  • Reconnaissance & Targeting

Non-Destructive Testing


  • High frame rate, Global Shutter
  • Low power Camera Link interface
  • Low floor noise mode with CTIA stage
  • Opening to VIS

Special features:

  • Two dimensional Laser Range Finder (TLRF)
  • Asynchronous Laser Pulse Detection (ALPD)
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