InGaAs 640x512

Cardinal 640 Loon (Low Noise)

InGaAs SWIR 640 x 512, 15µm, digital

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This FPA consists of a Digital Low Noise ROIC and state-of-the-art Planar InGaAs P-I-N diode array. The detector can be supplied in two types of package:

  • Metallic package which includes a Thermo-Electric Cooler (TEC)
  • Ceramic TEC-less package


The metallic package can be supplied with a low power proximity board which provides:

  • Timing and sensitive power supply to the ROIC
  • Camera Link Interface (similar to the Cardinal 640)
  • TEC control electronics




Format & Pitch

640x512, 15µm

Spectral range

SWIR-VIS: 0.6 – 1.7µm


> 80% @ 1550nm

Dark current (typical)

1fA @ 283K

Pixel operability

> 99.5%

Operating modes and well capacity

High gain (for Low Light Level imaging) – 15Ke

Low gain (for high quality daylight imaging) – 0.3Me

Max FR @ full window

360 F/sec @ 13bit resolution Global Shutter


Flexible, 2 row step

ROIC noise (typical)

High gain: 15e (with CDS)

Low gain: 170e

Active imaging time constant

600nsec @ full frame

100nsec @ 64x64 block

FPA power dissipation

< 100mW @ 60 F/sec

Ambient operating temperature

-40c till 71c


Metallic (vacuum tight), 30x30 mm footprint

Ceramic TEC-less (Inert gas) low SWaP, 25x20mm footprint

Cooling capability (metallic package only)

Down to - 10C @ 30C environment

Proximity electronics (optional for metallic package)

Camera Link interface

Power dissipation: 1.7W @ 60Hz, 25degC ambient (without TEC)

TEC control circuitry

EMC compatibility to MIL-STD-461C  

  • Low light level imaging
  • Active imaging
  • Gated imaging
  • High quality daylight SWIR imaging
  • Image intensifier replacement
  • Hand held goggles
  • Low power camera Link interface
  • Very low floor noise mode (15e)
  • Active imaging oriented
  • Gated imaging provision
  • (100ns time constant @ 64x64 ROI)
  • High frame rate with global shutter
  • Digital interface (as Cardinal 640)
  • Low power Camera Link interface
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