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SCD Acquires US-Based Quantum Imaging (QI)

24 January, 2018

SCD announced today that it completed the acquisition of  the US-based imaging solutions company, Quantum Imaging (QI) [located in Colorado Springs, Colorado]. SCD is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of a wide range of cooled and uncooled infrared detectors and high power laser diodes. Quantum Imaging is a US company specializing in design, development and production of high-performance visible SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) cameras for a range of military, industrial and scientific applications.

The acquisition is intended to strengthen and expand SCD’s SWIR related activities in the US defense and homeland security markets and will enhance its positioning towards numerous US programs that require SWIR technology, including dismounted soldiers systems, Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs), unmanned systems, long-range observation solutions and others.

Dan Slasky, CEO of SCD: “The continuously growing SWIR market is a strategic market for us. We are witnessing an increased demand for affordable and high quality SWIR solutions among both OEMs and end-users, especially in the US market. This acquisition facilitates a synergistic approach to supplying leading SWIR solutions for the US market as well as uncompromising service and support. We greatly appreciate the outstanding work done by QI’s founder, David Gardner, who will continue to play a major role in QI in the years to come, under the management of SCD USA, a US subsidiary of SCD.”

David Gardner, Founder and CEO of QI: “We are very pleased with the acquisition of QI by SCD, following several years of fruitful and effective cooperation between the two companies. This acquisition will allow us to continue to develop and provide advanced SWIR solutions for our customers, increase production capacity and have a strong FAB Infrastructure, enhancing  competitiveness in the US market.”

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