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InSb & Epi-InSb

Since the late 90’s, SCD’s core technology has been based on n-type planar InSb with an implanted p-type junction. In most applications it operates at 77-85K with Background Limited Performance (BLIP), and is a highly uniform, reliable and scalable technology. Our latest prototypes have a 1920 x 1536 (“3Megapixel”) format with a 10 μm pitch. Since 2011, we have also been offering epi-InSb in formats up to 640 x 512 with a 15 μm pitch. In this case the junction is grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE), and exhibits a significantly lower dark current. Epi-InSb operates at ~100K with equivalent performance to that of planar InSb at 77K. The overall power consumption of the complete Integrated Dewar-Detector-Cooler Assembly (IDCA) is reduced by ~20%, leading to an IR detector solution with a lower Size Weight and Power (low SWaP) that covers the full MWIR atmospheric window.

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