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SCD has established an uncooled detector product line based on the high-end VOx µ-bolometer technology. Since the introduction of its first 25µm pitch µ-Bolometer detector in 2005, SCD has expanded the product portfolio in order to address a wide spectrum of applications. The products exhibit superior image sensitivity, uniformity and stability, making it most suitable for a broad range of "high-end" uncooled military and commercial applications.

The detector pixel consists of a VOx IR sensitive layer with high Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR). When electromagnetic radiation emitted from the scene is absorbed this layer changes its resistance, which in turn is sensed by an electrical circuit on the ROIC. Finally, the FPA is sealed in a vacuumed package, which results in a high sensitive LWIR detector.

The products portfolio, both with 25µm pitch and 17µm pitch, include tradeoff between sensitivity and pixel time constant. Highly unstable platforms may require a relatively short time constant, whereas stable platforms can exploit the superior performance that is accompanied by longer ones.
Most of the µ-Bolometer detectors are optimized to work in the LWIR band, to enable thermal image. For other applications such as situation awareness and special MWIR event detection, we have developed the Wide-Band (WB) detector, where the detector absorption is optimized to both the MWIR and LWIR bands.

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