InSb 320 x 256

SEBASTIAN 320, 20µm

InSb MWIR 320x256, 20µm, digital

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SEB320 is the half-TV member of the distinguished SEBASTIAN family of DIGITAL IR detectors. This small and compact detector was developed for applications that require low weight and power consumption, without making any compromise in performance.
SEBASTIAN detectors have an on-chip 15 bit A/D conversion, which results in an easy camera-link interface, a very stable non-uniformity correction and improved system noise performance.
The SEBASTIAN is the first fully digital IR detector family that has been introduced into the market, and it has thus become SCD’s technological flag-ship.

Detector Type   320 x 256 InSb FPA
Pitch   20µm
NETD    <20mK@50% Well Fill capacity
Spectral Response  3.6 – 4.9 µm
Operability   Better than 99.5%
Pixel Capacity  

7 Me @ IWR

10 Me @ ITR

Frame rate

250Hz @ 15 bit

300Hz @ 13 bit

RNU      <0.03% STD/DR @10%-90% well fill capacity
Electronics Proxy
Cold Shield     F/4
Cooler model   Ricor K561
Length   127 mm
Weight       425 gr. 
  • Hand-Held
  • Missile Seekers
  • Weapon Sights
  • Miniature Payloads
Cooler K561 NA 
Filter Spectral Range (μm) 3.6-4.9  3.6-4.2 *
Cold Shield F# f/4 f/5.5 *
Proxy Electronics Digital output with camera link interface NA
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You may contact one of the below lens suppliers:

Ophir Optronics

Temmek Optics

RP Optical Lab    


* Additional options upon request


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