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SNIR 640, 15µm

InSb MWIR 640x512, 15µm, digital

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SNIR is a revolutionary multifunction IR detector which has a unique readout circuit. It is capable of producing an excellent MWIR image while detecting laser pulses in parallel and in each pixel. SNIR is a VGA format detector with 15 micron pitch. Hence it is the perfect solution for 'see spot' applications such as handheld cameras used by the infantry soldier.

In addition, the detector can be used in a range finding mode. In this mode, each pixel can serve as a laser range finder by synchronizing the detector to a laser source.  This results in advanced and enhanced targeting abilities for an IR camera. Another feature that is implemented in this detector is a low noise operation mode which enables SWIR imaging in low light conditions.

Detector Type   640 x 512 InSb FPA
Pitch   5µm
Spectral Response  1– 5µm
F/# F/4, F/4.7
Cooling engine K508 or similar
Maximum frame rate at full window 350 Hz
Standard Imaging Mode  
Integration capacities and noise floor 

3Me- (noise floor = 500e-)

0.8Me- (noise floor = 100e-)



RNU      0.03%
Imaging Mode with ALPD  
Integration capacities and noise floor 

2.5Me- (noise floor = 500e-)

0.8Me- (noise floor = 110e-)

NETD     26mK
RNU   0.03%
Laser detection sensitivity 2000 photons per pixel
 Integration capacity 10Ke- 
 NETD 40e-
 RNU 30e- 
 Laser Range Finding   
 Range resolution

Coarse method: 10m

Fine method: 1.5m

Extra fine method: 0.5m 

 Laser sensitivity 2000 photons per pixel
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Hand Held
  • Airborne EVS
  • Remote Weapon Sight
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Miniature Payloads
Cooler K508 NA
Filter Spectral Range (μm) 1-5 3.6-4.9 with notch@1.06 *
Cold Shield F# f/4.7 f/5.5 *
Proximity Electronics Digital output with camera link interface   NA
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You may contact one of the below lens suppliers:

Ophir Optronics

Temmek Optics

RP Optical Lab    


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