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Low-SWaP High Performance MWIR, 1280X1024, 10μm pitch, HOT (150K) Detector

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The Mini Blackbird SXGA is a state of the art HD MWIR core optimized for low SWaP-C applications. This breakthrough very Low SWaP-C core enables MWIR HD to meet the demanding requirements of tactical applications such as: small and tactical payloads, hand held and portable devices, tactical situation awareness systems and variety of armor sights requirements. The Mini-Blackbird integrates SCD’s advanced pixel technology of XBn 10μm pixel size. The 1280 x 1024 FPA is based on SCD's proven XBn technology which enables HOT (High Operating Temperature) FPA operation at 150K without compromising on the detectors overall performance. The HOT HD FPA is integrated into a very compact Dewar and operated using an advanced micro-cooler optimized for HOT detectors. In addition, the detectors proximity electronics include full video core with image processing capabilities on board providing a very compact solution, very low weight (


Typical Value

Detector Type  

HOT XBn Array

Pitch   10µm



FPA Temperature

FPA Spectral range   3.6÷4.2μm (1-4.2μm available on request)
NETD (2Me- Cap.)

< 25mK at 70% well fill capacity

Local Residual Non Uniformity

< 0.04% STD/DR @ 10-80% well fill capacity

Integration modes  ITR, IWR, others
Integration capacitors and their Floor Noise (FN)

0.3Me- ; FN = 80e-

0.5Me- ; FN = 120e- (ITR mode only)

2.0Me- ; FN = 340e- ITR / 500e- IWR

3.5Me- ; FN = 1200e- (ITR mode only)

Maximum Frame rate

90Hz (full window, raw image)

Video output Camera Link Digital Output
Digital signal resolution

 13 bit

Readout mode

 Normal / 2x2 Binning

Readout direction



Flexible: at 2 row steps

F Number

F/3.4, F/4 (Others per customer request)

Cooler options

K580 / SX-020 / RM1S

Power consumption (at 23C at 60Hz)

Cooler <2.5W

Proximity electronics <2.5W

Size Length (optical axis) - 80 mm


< 350gr

  • Light small tactical payloads for mini UAVs, Drones, Search & Rescue helicopters
  • Ground Surveillance
  • Persistent surveillance
  • Long/Medium Range Surveillance & Targeting
  • Hand Held systems
  • Armored Sights
  • Simple electrical interface using our legacy connector with camera link interface and a simple communication protocol
  • Frame rate: Raw digital output at up to 90 Hz (full window size) ; Fully processed data at 60Hz
  • Non Uniformity Correction (NUC)
  • Bad-Pixel Replacement (BPR)
  • Automatic Exposure / Gain Control (AGC)
  • Dynamic Range Compression (DRC)
  • Auto Focus support (Q-Factor)
  • Pseudo-color Look-Up-Tables
  • Spatial & Temporal Noise Reduction
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