SemiConductor Devices

Year 2010

Design of a cryogenic IR detector with integrated optics

M. Singer, *Dov Oster SemiConductor Devices (SCD), P.O. Box 2250, Haifa 31021, Israel
*Israeli Ministry of Defence

MWIR InAsSb XBn detectors for high operating temperatures

Philip Klipstein, Olga Klin, Steve Grossman, Noam Snapi, Barak Yaakobovitz, Maya Brumer, Inna Lukomsky, Daniel Aronov, Michael Yassen, Boris Yofis, Alex Glozman, Tal Fishman, Eyal Berkowicz, Osnat Magen, Itay Shtrichman, and Eliezer Weiss SemiConductor Devices P.O. Box 2250, Haifa 31021, Israel

New Developments in SCD's 17μm VOx μ-Bolometer Product Line

. Mizrahi, L. Bikov, A. Giladi, N. Shiloah, S. Elkind, T. Czyzewski, I. Kogan, S. Maayani, A. Amsterdam, I. Vaserman, Y. Hirsh and A. Fraenkel SemiConductor Devices (SCD), P.O. Box 2250, Haifa 31021, Israel

Water cooled, hard soldered kilowatt laser diode arrays operating at high duty cycle

Genady Klumel, Yoram Karni, Jacob Oppenhaim, Yuri Berk, Moshe Shamay, Renana Tessler, Shalom Cohen , Shlomo Risemberg SemiConductor Devices, P.O. Box 2250, Haifa 31021, Israel
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