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Position No: 23560

Job Title:Experienced Embedded Linux Software Developer
  • BSc/MSc in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering from known university
  • 5+ years proven hands-on experience in Linux solutions in hard real-time, embedded environment (C/C++)
  • Excellent knowledge of kernel architecture, threads, kernel locking mechanism, contexts and virtual memory
  • Advantage: Linux Kernel Space Programming and developing device drivers for embedded applications
  • Advantage: Previous experience with Texas Instruments (TI) families of micro-processors (Da Vinci, OMAP etc)
  • Advantage: Previous experience in DSP algorithms development
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Position No: 23557

Job Title:Electro-optical Characterization Engineer
  • BSc, Msc in Physics, EE or Electro-Optics
  • Former experience in industry - an advantage
  • Strong background in solid-state physics, semiconductor devices, electro-optics, microelectronics - an advantage
  • Experience with Matlab - required

Characterization and application of infrared detector arrays in the R&D department. Testing and data analysis.

Please send CV to include the position number
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