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    01 Career

    Why join SCD?

    We look for people with vision, skills and passion.  To compete at the highest level, we must attract and retain great people while strengthening our current  employees. Our recruitment process is intended to attract the best and the brightest: passionate, talented people who share our vision.

    Nurturing, encouraging and retaining employees is essential to the strength and growth of an organization, and is one of SCD’s main priorities.  We have a dynamic, fascinating and challenging work environment that nurtures professional development and offers growth opportunities and development paths, where people are inspired to be the best they can be.  Roughly 40% of our employees have advanced degrees in engineering and science, with over 10% with a PhD degree.  Our shared behaviors guide us to be open, honest, and direct. We do great work when we are surrounded by people who inspire and challenge us. Our goal is to develop and produce the best detectors and a genuine desire to make a difference, promote cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions for our customers.


    SCD’s Code of Conduct


    Ethical Code


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    02 Hiring Process
    • 01Apply
      Your application will be reviewed and assessed based on the position requirements and your relevant experience.
    • 02Interviews
      Interviews are a two-way street for both, the candidate and SCD to get to know each other. There will be two types of interviews: HR and Professional
    • 03Psychometrics
      Part of the recruiting process is psychometric test which will test various aspects such as technical skills, motivational aspects and more.
    • 04Reference Checks
      We do reference checks. We understand that discretion is crucial so every reference interview will be agreed in advance.
    • 05Security Check
      SCD is a defense company and all future employees must undergo security clearance.
    • 06Job offer
      Once you have passed all previous steps, we will offer you a written offer and all necessary information in order to get you started as a new SCD employee.
    03 Career Growth
    04 Time off

    SCD way of life

    We like to celebrate life’s moments with vacations, company events, holidays & more.  These moments make us take a pause from the intense daily work and  focus on our employees’ welfare. We like to commemorate these special moments with our employees and their families. It serves as a reminder of our talents and abilities, skills and persistence. Drawing on these things can motivate us to keep working toward our goals.

    05 Community

    Giving back – Doing good together

    We strongly believe in contributing to the community. We provide opportunities for you to make a positive impact on the community through programs such as: advancing technological education, assisting the authorities in search and rescue operations, supporting At-risk children and more. Combining our employee’s abilities with our cutting-edge technologies can truly make a difference.


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