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    The LWIR spectral region is characterized by very high Planck radiation intensities at terrestrial temperatures, typically one to two orders of magnitude higher than in the MWIR. This enables operation of both uncooled (UC) infrared detectors with a lower sensitivity and cooled infrared detectors with a higher sensitivity, depending on the desired trade-off between compactness and performance. Rayleigh scattering from particulates is also strongly reduced, increasing penetration through dusty atmospheres. The LWIR spectral band therefore has specific advantages over other spectral bands, making this region attractive for some important IR applications. These advantages include:

    • Excellent image quality with both lower sensitivity UC micro-bolometer detectors and higher sensitivity, faster operating, cooled detectors
    • High Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) even at extremely cold weather conditions
    • Much lower sensitivity to dust scattering and sun glint effects, which are common in ground battlefield and desert conditions
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    Infrared detectors for the LWIR spectral region support a wide variety of applications in both the military and commercial domains. Examples for applications using high-end cooled detectors are:

    • Fire control systems
    • Commander sights
    • Threat detection

    Application using uncooled detectors include:

    • Remote Weapons Stations (RWS)
    • Thermal Weapons Sights (TWS)
    • Driver vision enhancement (DVE)
    • Short range goggles
    • Unattended sensors
    • Miniature payloads
    • Security and short to medium range surveillance
    • Fire-fighting goggles



    SCD is a supplier of both high-end cooled and Low SWaP-C uncooled LWIR detectors, based on its advanced infrared technologies. Capabilities include:

    • Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) technology for legacy cooled 1D scanning and Time Delayed Integration (TDI) detectors
    • InAs/GaSb Type-II Superlattice (T2SL) technology for cooled 2D array detectors
    • VOx micro-bolometer technology for high sensitivity uncooled 2D array detectors
    • Variety of packaging and electronic solutions
    • Low SWaP video-engine incorporating image processing algorithms for high image quality
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    SCD has gained worldwide recognition of its innovative and high quality products; its revolutionary methods enable creative approaches to meeting the challenging requirements of space imaging

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