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    Spectral Band

    Missile Warning System

    SCD’s SWIR, MWIR and LWIR detectors are successfully used in Missile Warning Systems (MWS) to enable detection of attacking missiles. With the escalating importance of advanced missile warning systems and countermeasures against IR-guided missiles for enhanced survivability, SCD’s proficiency in IR Technologies positions us to deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to the rigorous specifications of MWS.


    Long Range Surveillance

    SCD’s detectors are used in various long-range surveillance thermal imagers.Their high-resolution capabilities ensure these cameras perform effectively in diverse conditions, from dense fog and complete darkness to continuous 24/7 situational monitoring, facilitating the extended-range recognition and identification of targets.



    SCD’s array of SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR detectors are embedded in thermal imagers and military targeting equipment tailored for naval reconnaissance missions. Leveraging the precision of these high-resolution infrared detectors, naval forces can consistently monitor their surroundings in both daytime and nighttime conditions, ensuring early detection of potential threats.


    Remote Weapon  Stations

    SCD’s array of cooled and uncooled infrared detectors are integral to remote weapon  stations (RWS). With the robust performance of SCD’s detectors, RWS systems can effectively operate during nighttime or in challenging weather conditions, while also withstanding the rigors of intense shock and vibration..


    Situational Awareness

    Due to SCD’s low SWaP detectors’ capabilities, they have been integrated successfully into many major situational awareness systems.These systems are pivotal in quickly obtaining data from hard-to-reach or potentially hazardous zones, bolstering safety and swift responses. Given their minimal weight, compact size, and efficient power usage, SCD’s detectors stand out as the optimal choice for both low SWaP and advanced systems tailored for situational awareness tasks.


    IR Search & Track (IRST)

    SCD’s cooled and uncooled detectors play a pivotal role in Search and Track applications, specifically targeting objects emitting infrared radiation. Infrared search and track systems (IRST) benefit from being entirely passive, standing apart from radars due to their resistance to jamming.

    SCD has gained worldwide recognition of its innovative and high quality products; its revolutionary methods enable creative approaches to meeting the challenging requirements of space imaging

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