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    BLACKBIRD 1280 Imager

    Blackbird SXGA Video Core is SCD state-of-the-art MWIR High Definition detector, which integrates

    SCD newest technology of 10μm pixel and Video processing capabilities. This 1280×1024 FPA is based

    on SCD’s mature InSb / XBn technology and includes a digital readout circuit implemented in advanced

    CMOS process. The FPA overall size is ~70% larger than SCD’s PelicanD VGA, 15μm format detector.

    Nevertheless, it is packaged in the same dimensions of Pelican D Dewar. The proximity electronic board

    supports Video processing capabilities at low power consumption. This yields a large format detector

    with outstanding image quality, high frame rate, and compact size.

    • Parameter
    • Detector Type
      InSb/XBn 2D array
    • Pitch
    • Format
    • FPA Temperature
      80°K (InSb) / 150°K (XBn)
    • FPA Spectral range
      1÷5.4μm (InSb) / 1÷4.2μm (XBn)
    • NETD (2Me- Cap.)
      < 25mK at 70% well fill capacity
    • Residual Non Uniformity
      < 0.05% STD/DR at 10-80% well fill capacity
    • Integration modes
      ITR, IWR, others
    • Integration capacitors and their Floor Noise (FN)
      0.3Me- ; FN = 60e- 0.5Me- ; FN = 90e- (ITR mode only) 2.0Me- ; FN = 260e- ITR / 380e- IWR 3.5Me- ; FN = 950e- (ITR mode only)
    • Maximum Frame rate
      60Hz Full Frame, Full video processing
    • Video output
      Camera Link Digital Output
    • Digital signal resolution
      13 bit
    • Readout mode
      Normal / 2x2 Binning
    • Readout direction
    • Windowing
      Support SXGA / 720P (1280x720)
    • IDCA optical parameters
      F/2, F/3.4, F/4 spectral range: 3.6÷4.9μm (Others per customer request)
    • Cooler options
      Rotary 0.5W cooler (standard) Others, optional per request
    • Dimensions
      Weight – approx. 720 Gm Length (optical axis) – 140 mm
    • Video Format
      Option for 1280x720 Video Format for HD-SDI 720P support
    • Video Core capabilities:
      • Non Uniformity Correction (NUC) • Bad-Pixel Replacement (BPR) • Automatic Exposure / Gain Control (AGC) • Dynamic Range Compression (DRC) • Auto Focus support (Q-Factor) • Digital Zoom • Graphical Overlay support • Pseudo-color Look-Up-Tables • Spatial & Temporal Noise reduction
    •  BLACKBIRD 1280 Imager
    •  BLACKBIRD 1280 Imager

    SCD has gained worldwide recognition of its innovative and high quality products; its revolutionary methods enable creative approaches to meeting the challenging requirements of space imaging

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