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    Cardinal 640 Low Noise (LOON)

    The Cardinal 640 stands as a well-established SWIR VGA 15μm detector, renowned for its exceptional performance. It offers high sensitivity and a high frame rate, while maintaining low power consumption and minimal floor noise, distinguishing it as one of the premier SWIR detectors available. Included with the detector is a Thermo Electric Cooler (TEC), which can be deployed to cool the Focal Plane Array (FPA) in low-light scenarios.
    Equipped with Asynchronous Laser Pulse Detection (ALPD) and two-dimensional Laser Range Finder (TLRF) capabilities, the Cardinal 640 presents the optimal solution for advanced SWIR systems. With the Cardinal 640, SCD’s customers are invariably equipped to be the first to detect and act.

    • Parameter
    • Technology
    • Format
      640x512, 15µm
    • Configuration
      Low noise
    • QE
      > 80% @ 1550nm
    • Spectral range
      0.6-1.7 (VIS-SWIR)
    • Dark current (typical)
      < 4.5 fA @ 283K
    • Operating modes and well capacity
      High gain (for Low Light Level imaging) – 15Ke, Low gain (for high quality daylight imaging) – 0.3Me, Active imaging
    • Maximum FR at full window (low gain mode)
      350 F/s @ 13 bit resolution Global Shutter
    • FPA power dissipation
      ~ 100mW @ 60 F/s
    • Power dissipation (proxy)
      < 1.7W @ 60Hz, 25c environment (without TEC)
    • Size
      51X45X61mm (with proxy)
    • Cooling capability
    • Video output (proxy)
      Camera Link interface
    • Very low floor noise mode (15e)
    • High frame rate, Global Shutter
    • Low power Camera Link interface
    • Active imaging oriented
    • Gated imaging provision
    • (100ns time constant @ 64x64 ROI)
    • Digital interface (as Cardinal 640)

    SCD has gained worldwide recognition of its innovative and high quality products; its revolutionary methods enable creative approaches to meeting the challenging requirements of space imaging

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